6 Pack Adjustable Safety Face Shield, Protective Face Shield mask, Anti-Fog Full Face Breathable & Detachable Visor with Clear Protective Film


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Protective Face Shield Main Feature:

【1】Arch shape shield provides comprehensive protection from the eyebrows to the chin to against the foreign aggression,Full Facial Protection from droplets,saliva,splash and oil.

【2】Adjustable design can be moved up and down,more convenient to be used.

【3】Both sides of each shield adopt an anti-fogging finish to ensure and HD and highly transparent.

【4】The shields and their frame are made of special material that is flexible and resistant to impact and high temperature.

【5】Lightweight and comfortable to wear,quick and easy to put on.This special designed adjustable protective face shield can effectively prevent potential contamination from Sneezing,Splash,Droplets and Dust.Suitable for medical prevention and control,laboratories,chemical exam,kitchen cleaning,house cleaning,etc.

How to Assemble?

Step 1: Take the elastic band and properly thread it through the multiple slots in the headband and pull to adjust.Then place the other end of the elastic band on the opposite side of the headband.Ajust the length if needed.

Step 2:Remove the protective film from the shield.

Step 3:Mount the shield on the headband from the left.Hold it with your thumb.The headband must be properly oriented.The pins must be on the bottom while the shield is assembled.For easier assembly,it is recommended to push your hand through the headband.

Step 4:Carefully straighten the left side of the headband along the shield and insert the pin.As soon as the pin is through,you can release the thumb.Then straighten the headband,avoild bending the shield.The face shield is ready!It is better to disinfect the shield before the use.

Kindly Reminder:

The shields are disposable.The use time of each shield must not exceed 24 hours.This face shield only can be used against liquids or dust.Do not use it as protection against open flame arc or spark.




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