24 Pack Corner Protector,Adhesive Corner Guards Baby Proofing Sharp Table Corner Protector Soft and Transparent Impact Absorbent Furniture Corner Guards


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Product Features:

[Safe Material] Furniture corner guards are made of environmentally friendly,food-grade safe and soft PVC materials.No phthalates,BPA,chemicals or added toxic flame retardants.

[Soft] Our completely transparent protective film is just like a part of the furniture, keeping the original appearance of the furniture. The improved PVC material is more flexible and provides soft bumps around corners to reduce the likelihood of injury.

[Conrner Protector] To provide a safe environment for infants by installing anti-collision angles in furniture.Our baby crash-proof corner protector is suitable for desk corners,bed corners,bookcases,coffee tables,stair corners and other places where danger may occur.

[Easy to install] our corner protection device is designed by mechanical experts, can protect your baby from the coffee table, desk, TV cabinet and building other Angle of the corner of the damage. Follow our instructions and you can easily complete the installation process. Just remove the coverings and stick them to any wooden edges you see - coffee tables, closets, counter tops, bookshelves.

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